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Prepaid cards are a type of gift card in which is preloaded with a certain amount of money that can be used while you're shopping. The payment will be deducted from the preloaded cash. The prepaid cards are not linked to any of your bank accounts so there are no issues of any irrelevant money deduction from your account. Prepaid card is one of the safest modes of payment as you can only use a certain amount of cash that is loaded in the card.

There is no major issue of loss. Prepaid card APIs are cost-effective, convenient, and safest access to utilizing funds anywhere. Dev Web Solution provides the best prepaid card API in India. Our prepaid card APIs are the best alternative to cash and other debit or credit cards. Our APIs can be easily integrated into a website, applications, or any other platform.

Looking for a leading Prepaid card API provider in India? Contact Dev Web Solution! Our prepaid card APIs are easy to use and user friendly. Our API allows you to check the current amount of the card, deposit cash, withdraw cash, transaction history, set limits, etc.

Prepaid Card API

The prepaid cards are very beneficial for companies that provide financial facilities to their employees for business travels and other business purchases. Use our prepaid card APIs and provide fast and reliable prepaid card facilities to your employees.

Benefits Of Using Dev Web Solution Prepaid Card APIs :-
  • Load and withdraw money easily and conveniently.
  • Used as a mobile app or web dashboard.
  • Withdraw and easily block cards when lost or not in use.
  • Track expenses are easily done by the employee or yourself.
  • Get real-time visibility from the web or mobile app.
  • Set withdrawing and shopping limits to restrict unlimited and irrelevant transactions.
Automatic Admin Functionality :-

Using Dev Web Solution's APIs you can easily automate everything for your prepaid card including.

  • Add, edit, or delete the account.
  • Activation and deactivation of the prepaid card.
  • Fund and defund the card.
  • Retrieve, pause or cancel transfers.
Purchase Authorization :-
  • You can give prepaid cards to anyone and control the purchases as per your choice
  • Enforce bulk spending across multiple cards
  • creating specific regulations on specific transactions
  • configure APIs to contact you for the payment approval
Create A Backend System :-
  • Helps you to build efficiencies for your operation
  • Retrieve and report to fraud or irrelevant transactions by card
  • Allows you to configure notification alerts to get notified about all the transaction