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Access Death Certificates Without Waiting in Long Queues Using A Functional API Developed by A Reputed Team

In India, you must register every birth and death. According to the Registration of Birth and Death Act, the loved of a dead person must register it with the state government. The nearest relatives of the deceased person can access the death certificate to submit it to various government organizations according to their needs. The Civil Registration Department issues the certificate with the date of death and the cause of death. We have developed a death certificate enrollment API to make the process simple and effortless. You can use the API to complete the application and submit it to the concerned authorities to get the death certificate.

Significance Of Death Certificate

The Birth and Death Act passed in 1969 offers regulation to loved ones to register deaths in India. According to the act, people need to register the death of a person within 3 weeks (21 days) of the occurrence with the concerned authorities in the state or union territory. You can use our death certificate registration API to complete the process that will help you get the proof of the date of their dear ones. The certificate can provide details of the time, place, and cause of the person's death. The certificate can relieve the dead person from legal, social, and official commitments. Loved ones can also use the certificate to settle property inheritance disputes. It also helps the family members claim death benefits like insurance or others. Our experts develop Apply Death Certificate API with various features that make it easier to apply and get the certificate without errors.

Death Certificate Enrollment API

Get API From Reputed Team for Satisfaction

We have experience and expertise in providing customized API after listening to suggestions and requests from clients. Our New Death Certificate Enrollment API has several features making it easier for beginners to install and use it. Dev Web Solution can create APIs according to the specific needs of the clients. In rural areas, the API can help people register the death of their loved ones without going to other places. You can integrate the API into the existing platform or website to earn a good commission. Here are other reasons to choose us:

API Developed by Skilled Team

A skilled team of experts with experience and expertise can develop a customized New Death Certificate Registration API to complete the application and get the certificate without facing complications. The features included in the API will make it easier to install and use the API.

Reap More Benefits

We are the best Death Certificate Registration API Provider providing expert assistance to help your business expand its presence in the market and open new revenue options. When you integrate the API into the existing platform, it will help you make a commission after every transaction.

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