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Mobile users are increasing day by day in India which leads to an increase in the online world. People feel more convenient in buying all the products and services online using mobile applications. This makes it essential for every business to have a mobile app for increasing sales and revenue.

Android is the most preferred OS by the Smartphone users in India hence having an android application is very beneficial. Custom android development is an awesome source for the growth of your business. More than 800 million people use android apps which is a huge amount for your business application. Dev Web Solution develops android applications for a vast era of businesses. We one of the most preferred choices of various top companies due to our effective and efficient services. Our android application development process is done by utilizing the latest tools and techniques.

Dev Web Solution has a team of well-qualified and certified experts with vast experience and knowledge. We are always updated with the latest trends and techniques to deliver the best in class services. Our android applications are of top-notch quality meeting all the user needs and satisfaction.

Our android applications are well-tested and featured rich. We craft Android applications with the latest functionalities that support all the android devices. Our applications are user friendly and attractive to increase sales and revenue for your business.

Android Application

Our Android Application Development Process

1. Understanding Business Needs

We listen to our clients carefully and understand their requirements for their applications. And then design a non-technical layout of the application and its features. This helps us to clear all the doubts related to the client's needs and understand the app requirement better.

2. Planning The Development

After understanding the client's needs we create a plan and check for the software and hardware requirements and the scope and deadlines of the application. We inform our clients about every step of our development procedure to avoid any unforeseen difficulties.

3. Building The Application

After planning everything we will execute this plan to create the best android application as per your needs. We use all the latest tools and technologies for the development process to make sure that your application is attractive. We update you about the tools and technologies used to get your suggestions.

4. Deploying Of Application

After building the application we will test and host the application in the app stores and market s that the user can easily download the app. We use the latest technologies to test your application and resolve all the errors before launching to get a positive response.

5. Maintaining The Application

Hosting the application is not the end of any app. You need to update and maintain the app on regular basis to keep it up to date with the latest trends and latest android versions. We will maintain your application and upgrade it regularly with the latest versions and new features.