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Dev Web Solution is one of the top money transfer API service provider in India offering money transfer API to our users in all over India. Money Transfer API allows you to automate and maintain every facet of your money transfer business. It is a one stop feature rich solution and is easy to use. Our API services allow your clients to send money at any time simply by using their mobile, computer, laptop, etc. We provide both web and app based solution for money transferring service. The major benefit of using our API services is that it allows you to transfer money from any bank.

Dev Web Solution Money Transfer API allows you transfer money instantly with IMPS technology. The money receiver will get the money in his account directly. Money Transfer API through IMPS is one of the most demanding services in India. Become a distributor or retailer of Money transfer services with our best money transfer API services. We also provide DMR portal to our customers.

Money Transfer API
How It Works?

The money transfer API works similar to the mobile recharge API the only difference is that the user needs to enter the account number and IFSC code of the customer and the amount that needs to transfer instead of mobile number. After submitting the information the amount will be credited to the recipients account within seconds.

Mode Of Transferring Money

Dev Web Solution's money transfer API works on two modes of payment method IMPS and NEFT. IMPS also known as immediate payment service is basically an inter-bank money transfer via electronic mode that helps to transfer money instantly. NEFT also known as national electronic fund transfer allows you to transfer funds electronically from any branch of the bank to any other bank's branch.